Sunday, January 19, 2014



No one likes to talk about money unless they are getting it. Being an artist, of any kind, there's always that thought of...what we do isn't a job, because we love it. Hmmm true, but still a job, that takes effort and time. And we ALL know time is money.

If you are going to support anyone in the art world, pay them for the jobs they do. I have a few artist friends that thrive off of their art, while others struggle hard.

Freebies are always good and most times beneficial. It baffles me why it's so difficult to pay a musician, poet, actor or painter but so easy to pay the guy that cuts your grass.

I had this discussion with a friend of mine...

"People will use you until you break. It's best to have a contract up front. The problem is that most artists are not business people. They are "in love" with their craft. They hear the words "I'm interested in your work", and they forget all about pay. Be prepared in your field, research other artists and see what they charge, get contracts and invoices. Or, be broke. Your client, whether it's your Mom or Donald Trump, WILL PAY if they want YOUR services. Let them pay someone else if they don't."

This is a subject that's touchy with folks, that's why I chose to discuss it. We all have worth, whether you can put an exact dollar amount on what you do is up to you.

Just remember that we are all struggling no matter what our jobs are. The idea is to give credit where it's due. Even if it's a VISA.

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