Thursday, June 27, 2013


My Step Grandad died today. In losing loved ones we experience truth. Real unblurred feelings arise, and bubble over. It also reminds you of your own mortality. I create with this, and share it with you.


Wednesday, June 26, 2013

In mind...

The following piece is folded newspaper, glued to wood and covered with all purpose flour mixed with water. I let it harden, then paint. I really like doing 3-d art. I want people to touch it, I want them to be touched by it. It's just what's in my mind. 

"I need to get these feelings out. Sometimes I want to hold you. Most times I'd like to know just what it would feel like."

"February 14th"

It's been too long...

Artists are weird. I'm an artist, so I can say that shit. I haven't had much to blog about in almost a year! Honestly, I forget I have a blog, then I remember no one reads my blog anyway! It's just a way for me to pour out my flawed views and my insane want, no...need to create. Enjoy me. 

"The Girl with a Monkey on Her Back"